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Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

The FCI was founded on May 22, 1911 with the aim of supporting and protecting cynology and pedigree dog breeding in all matters when necessary. The national member associations are not only dedicated to breed breeding but also support the training of dogs and dog sports.

The FCI organizes an annual championship in the sport of flyball. The organizers apply via the respective national association that is a member of the FCI.

A community of four flyball teams has applied to host the FCI Flyball pen World Cup in 2024.

Get to know your hosts.

The flyball world is a guest in Germany, that is both an incentive and an obligation for our organizational team from all corners of the country to organize a very special event. Everyone brings in their ideas. Everyone has already gained experience organizing other flyball events and everyone wants to make the FCI Flyball Open World Cup 2024 in Alsfeld something very special.


If you want to know, you will find out more shortly. To do this, click on one of the logos.

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