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Flyball Upper Franconia e. v.


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About Us

Flyball Upper Franconia, who we actually are...


The whole thing started in 2007. Just a handful of dog-crazy young people got together and the Flyball Junkies were born.

In no time at all they made the sport of flyball popular in southern Germany. Just a short time later, another competition team was at the start, the Flyball Youngsters.

Due to a modern, dynamic training style, collaboration with various international trainers and numerous participation in various workshops, the Flyball Junkies and also the Flyball Youngsters played a key role in German Flyball events from now on.

Among other things, the Flyball Junkies won the Bayern Cup several times and took top places in German championships.

In 2019 they won the title of German champions and have been leading the German rankings since July 2019 with a time of 15.21 seconds outdoor. At the same time, the Flyball Youngsters achieved a respectable 4th place with a young team. 

At the EFC 2019, the Flyball Junkies once again became runner-up European champions after several exciting runs. It continued in 2022. There, two teams competed at the FOWC in Belgium and were able to experience an overwhelming indoor event in an incredible gathering of teams traveling from all over the world.

At home in Emtmannsberg, the Flyball Junkies finally won the German Flyball Cup in their home game. The Czech Republic followed with a hot EFC. Here the Junkies became runners-up in the 2nd division

The Flyball Freaks team fought their way through to becoming European champions in the 11th division. Here, too, there were a number of goosebumps moments while cheering on international teams in the ring.


In addition to all the tournament events, our club also regularly organizes regional and international tournaments, including the EFC 2015, the DFC 2022 and the VDH DM 2023.

We also regularly organize other dog sports events, events and seminars on the topic of dogs.


As a club, it is always an experience to meet new and familiar people and their teams, to exchange ideas, learn from each other, celebrate together and support each other. There is never a dull moment in the flyball world and standing still is probably a foreign word.

Together with all the starting teams, we are looking forward to a FOWC in Germany, which not only offers exciting races, but can also create close bonds in a colorful atmosphere...

Flyball - vita and successes

 To whatever may come next....

2023 - EFC in Hungary - Vice European Champion of the 2nd Division

  • Orientation of the VDH DM in Emtmannsberg

  • New German record with 15.21 seconds.

2022 - Participation with two teams at the FOWC in Belgium

  • New German record with 15.59 seconds.

  • The Flyball Freaks become European champions in the 11th division

  • New German record with 15.26 seconds.

  • Hosting the German Flyball Cup in Emtmannsberg

  • Winner of the German Flyball Cup

2021 - New German record with 15.80 seconds.

2019 - New German record (under 16 seconds for the first time) with 15.93 seconds.

  • Vice European Champion of the 1st Division

  • German champions

2017 - European champion of the 5th division

  • Bayern Cup winner

  • Winner of the Baden-Palatinate Cup

  • 3rd place at the German Flyball Championship

  • Winner of the World Dog Show

2016 - Move to the new SC Emtmannsberg training ground

  • German runner-up

  • Bayern Cup winner

  • Winner of the Baden-Palatinate Cup

2015 - Orientation of the EFC in Emtmannsberg

2014 - Founding of the club 'Flyball Oberfranken e.V.'

Founding of the Flyball Freaks

2008 - Founding of the Flyball Youngsters

2007 - Founding of the Flyball Junkies

Current team best times:
Flyball Junkies: 15.21 seconds (German record)
Flyball Youngsters: 16.89 sec.

Flyball Freaks: 18.42 sec.


We would like to thank our sponsors for their support:

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