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One of the most characterful cities in Germany.

Welcome to a city where half-timbered architecture is a feast for the eyes.

Alsfeld is occupiedis known for its well-preserved old town from the Middle Ages with many intricate alleys, towers and small squares surrounded by half-timbered houses. Over 400 historic half-timbered buildings make a walk through the old town an exciting excursion into history. Alsfeld has been a European model town for monument protection since 1975.

Adelesfelt, Alsfeld's original name, was founded in the 8th/9th century. Century court seat of the Carolingians. Thanks to its favorable location on the way from Frankfurt to Thuringia, Alsfeld quickly gained importance and prosperity. Alsfeld became a mint and has had town rights since 1222.

Today Alsfeld is a middle center in the northern part of the Vogelsberg district. In addition to the core town, another 16 districts belong to today's large municipality of Alsfeld. In total, Alsfeld has around 16,000 residents. The city is located directly on the A5 Frankfurt-Kassel motorway with 2 own motorway connections (Alsfeld/East and Alsfeld/West). The federal highways B49, B62 and B254 serve the city, as does the Fulda – Gießen train connection. In addition, Alsfeld is a central hub in many long-distance bus routes across Germany and Europe. The international airports Frankfurt/Main and Kassel are only approx. 100 km away.

Alsfeld is surrounded by green forests and hills. From the camping area you can reach the field paths through an underpass on the A5, which are ideal for walking. If you take the route in the other direction, you reach a forest area via the traffic circle and can take a shady walk in the forest.

Field and forest paths invite you
for long walks

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