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The place is perfect for the FOWC

Hessenhallen Alsfeld


The Hessenhalle Alsfeld consists of a total of three halls with a total area of 5,200 m². They have already been used for agricultural exhibitions, as a vaccination center or emergency accommodation for refugees, but are also constantly booked as a venue for concerts or stage shows. For the FOWC, the three buildings offer everything necessary to host a tournament of this size.
All halls are connected to each other at ground level and covered and can be used barrier-free.

The 2,150 m² main hall will house two of the three rings for the FOWC. The spectator stand is also located here, which can be reached both via the hall and through the restaurant on the upper floor.

Overview plan_Test5_edited.png

Location map of Hessenhallen



outdoor area

The outdoor area around the event buildings offers enough space for team areas, shower and sanitary containers that are provided for campers. There will also be a food mile here. Participants and visitors can get supplies there every day.

Camping area

The park area opposite the Hessenhalle serves as a camping area for the FOWC. It still offers enough space to accommodate visitors' vehicles.

You can find out more about our camping offer by clicking on the button.


Hessenhalle Restaurant

The restaurant in the Hessenhalle offers space for evening meetings with flyballers from all over the world. For exchange and happy, lonely hours.


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